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Anti-Bullying Policy

The LHA takes the issue of bullying seriously and has adopted an anti-bullying policy under the guidance of USA Hockey’s Safe Sports Program.  While no one definition can capture all of the types of behavior that can constitute bullying, the LHA considers it to include a range of conduct from repeated verbal teasing, name-calling, insults, gestures, to physical aggression and interfering with another’s property. Physical bullying can include pushing, hitting, or kicking a person or interfering with their property. Verbal bullying is the use of words or gestures to hurt or humiliate another person, including name-calling, insults and teasing.  We understand that not all joking or horseplay is bullying, but when the intent is to disrespect or when the effect is to cause distress, repetition of such behavior is considered bullying and will not be tolerated by the LHA.  

The LHA will adhere to USA Hockey’s Safe Sport Handbook procedures regarding the reporting of suspected abuse or misconduct (including protections from any retaliation or repercussions for such reporting).  The LHA will also adhere to USA Hockey procedures and means by which USA Hockey and its Member Programs should respond to allegations of abuse and misconduct as well as how its Member Programs will monitor and supervise the Safe Sport Program to help ensure its effectiveness. If any player believes that they have been the subject of bullying, or that they have observed bullying of another player, by anyone associated with the LHA, they should report it immediately to a coach or team manager.  The coach or team manager should in turn report such occurrences to the LHA’s Safe Sports Coordinator.  The LHA’s Safe Sports Coordinator will investigate any instance in which bullying has been reported, suspected or observed and, after consultation with the LHA Board of Trustees, will take appropriate action.  

Such action may include further warnings, discussions with parents, suspensions or exclusions from practices and games, ineligibility for tournaments and playoffs, or in the most extreme cases, removal from the team or the organization.

Any person within the LHA (including coaches, managers, parents and volunteers) who has taken part in any bullying or abusive behavior will be subject to disciplinary action by the LHA Board of Trustees.  Such incidents shall be brought to the LHA Board’s attention through the Safe Sport Coordinator.  The LHA Board will review the facts and issue corrective and disciplinary action.  If the behavior continues, that person may be removed from the team and/or the organization.  

Please refer to the LHA Contact tab on this website for the name and contact information of LHA’s designated Safe Sport Coordinator.