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  • I agree to give my best effort on and off the ice.  I will remember that winning isn’t everything and that having fun, improving my hockey skills, and doing my best are most important.


  • I will control my temper at all times and refrain from bad play behaviors such as, banging my stick, trash-talking and hot-dogging.


  • I agree that there is no place for violent or overly aggressive play in hockey, where the obvious intent is to injure or harm another player.


  • I will conduct myself in a respectful manner, and hold myself accountable at all times when representing my team and the Lawrence Hockey Association at any games or events.   


  • I will not use vulgar or profane language, racial, ethnic or gender-related slurs toward teammates, coaches, officials, opponents or spectators.


  • I will be a true team player, support my teammates, and treat all my teammates equally.


  • I will respect my coaches, officials, teammates, parents, opponents or spectators.


  • I will accept the decisions of the coach and any officials.  I will never argue a coach or official’s decision.  


  • I realize that I am responsible for my own equipment.  I will also respect others belongings and the facility in which I play and I will leave the locker room in an orderly condition.  


  • I agree not to endanger or create any safety hazards to others by throwing or shooting any objects on the ice or outside the playing surface or bench area.


  • I will abide by the rules of USA Hockey in the spirit of the game.  Any player who receives an excessive amount of major penalties (penalties involving suspension by NJYHL or USA Hockey) will be subject to further disciplinary action by the Lawrence Hockey Association’s Board of Directors.


  • I agree to abide by all rules set forth in USA Hockey’s Zero Tolerance Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy.


  • Any player or team official who cannot abide by these rules or violates them will be subject to further disciplinary action by the Lawrence Hockey Association’s Board of Directors.